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Certificate for Web Server

Verifies whether it is a rightful server of the owner and protect the server
when the server communication is on.

It is a service that provides SSL certificates which the operators of the websites where confidential user information is transmitted purchase for the web servers and install on their web servers to protect confidential user information.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for web server : It is a certificate that utilizes
an SSL protocol, to encrypt and decrypt data transmitted between web browsers and servers and to build trust between users and web servers

When the web server is a secure server

When the web server is a secure server

Advantages of this service

  • Preventing security breach
    If a sniffing tool is used, it is easy to intercept personal information, but it is not easy if websites possess secure servers.
  • Preventing phishing sites
    You can reduce phishing risks and win customer trust by using an SSL certificate as phishing attacks are difficult to target websites where secure servers are established.
  • Enhancing the credibility of corporations and organizations
    You can build the reputation that your corporation protects customers’ personal information.